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GRAIN VALLEY, Mo. — A Grain Valley mom is hoping to return a precious item to one family.

Shelby Scott found an urn necklace with the ashes of someone’s loved one inside.

Scott was heading into the Walmart on Coronado Drive in Blue Springs Sunday to shop with her husband when she spotted something shiny in a crack in the concrete.

“It was just a little necklace urn that didn’t have the necklace to it,” Scott said.

Scott said the ashes were still inside. Store staff told her no one had inquired about it yet, so she decided against leaving it at lost and found, thinking she’d have more luck with a Facebook post.

“I really want to get it to the people that it belongs to,” Scott said.

After all, Scott knows how this feels.

“She was everybody’s best friend,” Scott said. “She was a people person. She always did the right thing. She always did things for others.”

For the last five years, Scott has kept her cross necklace urn close to her. Inside, the ashes of her mother, Jennifer Smith.

“My mom was my everything,” Scott said. “My mom was my best friend. She was there for me with everything. Aw, you’re going to have me crying. When I lost my mom, it was one of the hardest times in my life and I was pregnant with my four-year-old now.”

But one time, Scott lost the necklace. She said it fell off her keys.

It wasn’t until two days later, she spotted it in the driveway, a piece of her restored.

Since then, she leaves it at home, but it gives her perspective.

“I know exactly the heartache that they are feeling right now of losing it,” Scott said.

And now, she’s made it her mission to get the urn home, saying that’s what her mom would want.

“We’re going to find the person for it, we have to,” Scott said.