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DALLAS —  A Twitter prank, apparently sent by Justin Bieber himself or at least those in charge of his Twitter account, could cost him.

A Texas great-grandmother is considering joining a lawsuit against him for a tweet sent from his account, which instructed his 19 million twitter followers to “call me right now…”

The tweet then gave a Texas phone number minus the last digit.

As expected, the tweet sent teen girls into overdrive as they dialed every combination possible. For the past three weeks, 81-year-old Dilcie Fleming has been receiving countless phone calls because her number is one of those combinations.

Fleming’s voicemail is overloaded with messages that say things like this one: “Justin! omg! Call me back! I love you!”

Now Fleming has hired the attorney who is representing another Texas man also getting the incessant calls from Bieber fanatics.

Someone recommended Fleming change her number, but she has had the same phone number since 1966.

“My granddaughter told me she’s crazy about…. Justin Bieber.. and I thought oh dear, dear, dear, dear,” Fleming said.

The attorney says a lawsuit seeking monetary damages is not off the table, but she and her clients are hoping Bieber apologizes and explains the tweet.

Fleming says she’ll also accept concert tickets for her great-granddaughter as an apology.