Grandmother laments missing Chiefs parade after suffering injuries in police chase chaos

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — When everyone’s eyes and cameras were focused on the police chase before the Chiefs parade, they might have missed the crowd’s reaction.

The panic that ensued caused at least one metro family to miss Wednesday’s celebration.

Shandy Bowman went to the Royals World Series Parade in 2015, but had always dreamed of being a part of “a sea of red” at a Chiefs Super Bowl Champions Parade.

She and her two sons were Chiefs season ticket holders when they were were kids. Now a grandmother, Bowman got there early with her sons and grandson Wednesday to get a good spot along the route but also close to the rally at Union Station.

That’s when they started hearing sirens.

At first Bowman thought police were just escorting Patrick Mahomes or another top Chiefs player. Soon they’d see police bring the car that had penetrated barriers for the parade route to a spinning halt. Dozens of police then hopped out of their vehicles with with guns drawn.

“What was running through my head is, ‘The other guy has a gun and stray bullets are going to fly,'” Bowman said.

People started to run all around her. Bowman’s one son grabbed her grandson; her other son tried to take her arm, but she ended up on the ground.

“I just fell and did a faceplant in the concrete,” she said.

Bleeding from her lip and around her eye, she realized she’d also seriously hurt her knees.

“I was worried I was going to get trampled. I really was,” Bowman said.

Luckily her family and other fans were able to get her to the hill in front of Liberty Memorial where they got another family photo at a Kansas City Champions Parade.

But as her leg started to swell up, she didn’t actually get to see this one in person. Her sons convinced her she needed to go home.

“There’s always going to be bad people in this world that ruin it for everybody,” she said.

But she’s confident she won’t have to wait 50 years for another Chiefs Super Bowl parade. Despite this year’s unfortunate events, she said she plans to be at the next one.

“Of course I’d go again, in a minute,” Bowman said.



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