Grandmother of two thankful after Ride KC driver returns lost makeup bag with cash


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Over and above.

That’s the praise one of the KCATA bus line’s crews is getting, having helped a senior passenger retrieve a lost wallet filled with cash.

Faye Moss never intended to mix trouble with her travels. The grandmother of two was a passenger on one of Kansas City’s public buses on Saturday, but when she got up to leave, the makeup bag she uses as a wallet was left behind. 

“I didn’t want to tell anybody because everybody’s on me about my memory. I’m getting to the point where I don’t remember things anymore,” Moss said.

Andrea Raglon, the Ride KC bus driver, said she discovered Moss’ bag while cleaning up. The large sum of money inside convinced Ride KC employees this was a major priority.

“I was just going to throw it away and I said — oh, this is heavy,” Raglon said. “ I didn’t count it at first. I saw a couple of 100 dollar bills. I just put it back in the bag.”

“ I said — I’m not putting this in lost and found. I’m not doing that We’re going to find this lady and we’re going to give her her money back,” Erica Porter, a KCATA Dispatch Supervisor, said.

The bus operators found Ms. Moss’ east Kansas City home within hours, and made certain she got every dollar back. The 76-year old grandma said the money was meant to pay her mortgage.

“The folks who work here don’t just operate buses. They care about people.  They care about members of the community like they’re member of the family,” Robbie Makinen, Ride KC President/CEO, said.

“There’s still some good folks in the world. There are people who will help you,” Moss said on Tuesday.

“I’m just glad the lady was blessed to have gotten her money and nobody else found it besides me,” Raglon added.

This is also a moment of payback for Raglon. The bus operator said the same thing happened to her 40 years ago, when, as a teenager, she left her wallet on a city bus. She said she wanted Moss to feel the same relief she did — when she got her money back.

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