Grandpa plays dead to avoid more brutal beatings

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**Warning: Some of the images in the video may be considered graphic**

Newton County, GA — Family members of a 78-year-old grandfather say he is back to his jolly, flirtatious self after he was nearly beaten to death inside his own home.

Roy Davis lost an eye, had to get three dozen staples in his head, suffered a broken arm and finger when a man, who police identified as Mark Winder, stopped by Davis’ home and asked to borrow a tire iron.

“When I turned around, I reckon he knocked my brains out with the tire iron,” Davis said.

Investigators say Winder dragged Davis inside and beat him repeatedly as he demanded more money.

“Wrapped him up right there and left him to die. He had to play dead to keep the boy from beating him anymore,” said Ginger Gaff, Davis’ niece.

Winder has been charged with several crimes including aggravated assault and aggravated battery. Newton County Sheriff’s Deputies have also arrested a second suspect in the case, Cynthia Miller.

“He is really lucky he is alive. Real lucky he is alive. I mean with the guns all around here, he could have easily been killed and he probably would have killed him,” Gaff said.

Click here for the interview with Davis from CBS46.



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