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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Grandparents are getting involved in the always intense gun debate.  The group Grandparents Against Gun Violence has been working to end gun violence for several years, and now, they want to change the conversation.

Big shot, bring in the big guns, under the gun:  They’re phrases we use every day, often without even thinking.

“I was writing to somebody one day and I said I`m really under the gun, and then I realized what I was saying, and I took that out and said I`m really busy,” said Judy Sherry.

Judy and Steve Sherry are some of the original members of Grandparents Against Gun Violence in the Kansas City area, and their most recent project centers around changing phrases people say every day through the Gun Thesaurus.

“We`ve gotta start someplace,” said Steve Sherry.

“There are so many references to guns in our language, and we think it contributes to the culture,” said Judy Sherry.

But firearms instructor at Frontier Justice, Jon Glueckert, thinks guns in the language can help lead to conversations about gun education.

“I think eradicating firearms usage from a terminology standpoint will limit the education knowledge and what we can turn around and learn from the firearms community,” said Glueckert.

Glueckert says what people need to understand about guns is that education about safety and usage is key.

“Firearms are not the evil that is causing it, it`s the education level of the user,” he said.

The Sherry’s say they’re not the “P.C. Police,” they just want to make people aware of what they’re saying.