Grandview fire kills 1, injures firefighter and destroys apartments

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GRANDVIEW, Mo. — A huge fire drew scores of onlookers to downtown Grandview on Monday morning, as first responders worked feverishly to rescue people trapped inside. The fire killed one person, and sent a Grandview fire captain to an emergency room.

Firefighters say they could hear cries for help from trapped people as they worked. That building, which housed six apartments and a number of retail shops, burned out of control. One person, a man who lived in one of the apartments, didn’t make it out alive.

Grandview Fire Chief Ron Graham said one of his fire captains suffered second-degree burns, and needed medical attention. Graham said his workers pulled three people from the building, who are said to be doing well.

The building sits at the corner of Main and Grandview, where Kerrshawn Kimble was observing firefighters in action. Kimble told FOX 4 News his sister owns one of the retail shops — a hair salon. Kimble said he was inside the salon when fire broke out, and he raced upstairs to warn people in the apartments.

“I pretty much went upstairs and kicked in the first door to the right. There was just too much fire and smoke. I just yelled for anyone who was available, and then came back down,” Kimble said.

Michael Ashby, a Grandview resident, started recording the action on his cell phone. Ashby says he’s a former volunteer fireman, and he hoped for the best for that missing fire captain as he recorded.

“That’s a brother. If I’d had my choice, I would have ran up there and gotten him out. They told us all to get back, and I got everything I could. It was scary. Like watching family getting trapped,” he said.

American Red Cross workers were on-site as well, offering support for residents of those six apartmetns, which are believed to be a total loss. Chief Graham isn’t sharing the name of the injured fire fighter of the name of the man killed in this fire.



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