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GRANDVIEW, Mo. – A new playground in Grandview hopes to bring a different type of activity to the park it was built in.

It’s a mad dash to the top; all elbows and knees. Even the smallest want to be included. The jungle of ropes is a newly built structure at Valley Park in Grandview. And the kids at Camp Kaleidoscope were there on Thursday to break it in.

The point of this playground is that anyone can play on it. One of its most impressive features is a 55-foot-long slide. All you have to do is climb a 25-foot-tall rope structure before getting to shoot all the way down.

The highest peak of the obstacle course would have to be the 30-foot-tall rope pyramid. Kids can crawl across the structure to the slide without ever touching the ground.

“I see a zip line. I see awesome slides. I see everything you would see in park except bigger and better,” said Ava Moore, who came to the park with her camp.

A bond issue of $7.5 million was enough to build nine parks in Grandview within four months. Before construction, this park was rarely used.

“There was a lot of dumping going on. You couldn’t see back here a lot so there were a lot of things you could only imagine. Activities that were taken place people shouldn’t do anywhere, let alone in a park,” said Eric Lucas, the Grandview Parks and Rec director.

Now that it looks like this, kids might never want to leave.