Grandview officers save dog with puppies at home after she was injured in hit-and-run

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GRANDVIEW, Mo. – A pair of Grandview police officers went above the call of duty when they found a dog in a ditch Sunday night.

An anonymous caller told dispatch the saw someone hit a dog and run, but the caller didn’t stick around, so police drove in the dark with spotlights.

“My sister-in-law had text me that her puppy had left,” Eva Corchado said. “It was dark and she’s never run away before, so we were very concerned about her, and they’d been driving for at least two hours and they couldn’t find her.”

The dog got out of the family’s yard when she was let outside to go to the bathroom.

Corchado posted to a local community Facebook page, asking people to help them find the year-and-a-half old Husky “Lassie.”

“I posted the puppy, the picture of Lassie so people could help us get her back,” she said.

At the same time, Officer Stefany Jones and her partner Officer Griffin were driving near the I-49 access road not far from Blue Ridge Boulevard.

“Somebody had called our dispatch and they broadcasted the information of a dog that had possibly been hit by a car and was possibly still alive,” Jones said.

It was after 8 p.m. when Jones saw something in her spotlight of her police unit.

“I pulled over a little bit in front of her. As I started walking toward her, her little head popped up so it made me think she had a chance,” she said.

In the case of an injured domestic animal, police would normally call Animal Control, but the pair of partners didn’t wait.

“Since we were so close to the Crest Animal Hospital, we thought hey let’s just load her up and get her down there,” Jones said.

Once Grandview police realized the injured dog was the dog from Eva’s Facebook post, they also realized this wasn’t just about Lassie’s survival.

“It turned out to be this woman’s dog who had eight brand-new puppies at home,” Jones said.

“She had puppies that she just had, so we know that the puppies need her,” Corchado said.

Just 10 days ago, Lassie became a new mama. This hit-and-run meant there were eight little husky puppies at home who couldn’t eat without their mother.

Griffin didn’t stop with the drop off at the vet.

“He had gone to a Walmart and a Hy-Vee to try and get milk replacement for puppies, tried to find some bottles so they could latch onto it,” Jones said.

“He came back and he made sure that they were fed before they left, so he didn’t just drop the stuff. He came and actually fed the puppies,” Corchado said.

On Monday afternoon, Lassie’s family picked her up from the vet.

Even though the dog needs surgery for a broken pelvis and liquid in her lungs, Corchado’s family cannot afford the $100 a night to keep her at the vet or the $4,000 procedure. Her family has started a Gofundme page to help her get the care she needs.

“I just hope that we’re able to get some help for her, for her surgery,” Corchado said.

Lassie’s not in the clear, but thanks to Grandview police, at least she’s got a fighting chance and is home for now with her pups.



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