GREENWOOD, Mo. — Greenwood Mayor Levi Weaver is no longer the Jackson County community’s mayor after being impeached and removed from office.

The vote on all three counts Tuesday night was unanimous on all three counts by the Greenwood Board of Aldermen.

Deliberations took place inside City Hall Thursday afternoon in a closed session that lasted more than two hours Tuesday afternoon.

One of three aldermen who decided whether Weaver should be removed from office was the man he allegedly threatened with a gun: Alderman Kyron McClure.

“To have to stand here in front of these cameras, it’s just a little disappointing that we got this far,” Alderman Ryan Murray said.

Weaver was impeached on three counts last October and encouraged to resign. But he said he couldn’t because the allegations including going to McClure’s home after drinking and threatening him with a gun weren’t true.

“There was no testimony that he ever brandished a weapon or pointed a weapon or threatened anyone with a weapon. Legally, which has completely ignored, it had nothing to do with the discharge of his office as mayor. It was a personal argument between those two,” Weaver’s attorney Aaron Racine said.

Weaver was also removed on counts he violated citizen rights who spoke negatively about him by blocking them from city’s Facebook page and for instructing the city clerk not to enforce the law regarding business licenses.

Weaver wasn’t present at Tuesday’s meeting. One supporter who Weaver attempted to appoint to an open seat on the Board of Alderman prior to the vote voiced support in public comment.

“There was no there there. If there had been a there there, get out of the way Levi. But I didn’t see it,” Todd Lawrence said.

“The most concerning thing is the behavior for me. The lack of accountability to that behavior,” Murray said.

Weaver’s attorney said he plans to appeal and hopes a judicial review board will reinstate him to office.

In the meantime. Greenwood’s Board of Aldermen needs to appoint a mayor who would serve the next seven months, and then that person would then decide who to appoint to fill an open seat on the board.