Greenwood mother says bus driver made lewd comments to daughter, police investigating


GREENWOOD, Mo. – The mother of a Greenwood girl is upset after she says a school bus driver made lewd comments to her daughter.

Greenwood police said they are investigating the comments.

The pre-teen’s mother said she was shocked by the bus driver’s alleged behavior. She hopes what her family is going through is an example for other parents to protect your children.

“Complete shock. I was blindsided,” she said.

The mother of a Greenwood Elementary student was stunned when her daughter told her what happened. The 12-year-old was dancing at the bus stop on Monday morning with her friends.

“As my daughter got on the school bus, the school bus driver said something to her along the lines of ‘will you do that dance again for me later.’”

Her daughter told her it was upsetting, and she went to sit at the back of the bus. Her friends consoling her.

“He stopped her again at that time and said something along the lines of ‘that dance you did was caught on camera’ and winked at her, the mother said. “She said ‘you know mom, he was wearing a face mask but I saw him wink his eye at me.’

The girl went to the Greenwood Elementary counselor and told her what happened. The school district notified the girl’s father, who filed a report with Greenwood Police.

“We want to make sure the community knows that we’ve heard about it,” Greenwood Police Chief Tommy Wright said. “We’re working on it and we are investigating it.

The Lee’s Summit School District did not say if they are investigating the incident internally but would only refer to the police investigation.

“She’s going to need therapy but right now she doesn’t feel safe,” the girl’s mother said. “And I don’t feel like the district has really been forthcoming with me about resolving anything.”

Her mom said the bus driver is still on the job and her daughter said she doesn’t feel safe.

“You don’t get to tell a 12-year-old child, let along a woman, how something you say to them can make them feel. You have no reason to request that my child dance for you or imply that you want to see her later.”

The mom said she’s thankful to the kids who stood up for her daughter. A big thing she wants to see and hear the incident herself. Greenwood Police said the investigation is ongoing.

An earlier version of this story stated that the incident happened on Wednesday. It has been corrected to state that the incident happened on Monday.

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