Group taking it upon themselves to curb violence and get answers in KC crimes

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KANSAS CITY, Mo - A group of volunteers in Kansas City says it's time that people stop relying on police to stop the violence and take some responsibility themselves.

When you're driving down the street and see people in the middle of the road, what goes through your mind?

"Most the time when people see us doing this they think we're begging for money or trying to hustle," Volunteer Mike Hughes said.

Hughes knows the look, but he's not begging for money.

He's begging for change.

He's one of 600 people who have signed up to be a part of the March on the Community. Their goal is to get to 1,000 people to step out and into the community every day.

"When we get to that 1,000 mark, look out Kansas City," Bishop Tony Caldwell said.

The 1,000 people will stand on street corners all over town, go door-to-door and pass out flyers in the streets.

They hope to offer up conversation, spread the word about unsolved homicides or to keep the peace. They know their community police group won't end it all, but they do know it's a start.

"We all need to work together."

For more information on Marching on the Community, call 816-729-2314.



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