Group wants protesters removed, saying they’re blocking, partying KC neighborhood’s streets


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Tensions are running high in Kansas City’s Oak Park community where a group of protesters are located.

On the corner of 35th and Prospect, you’ll see a group called HONK.

“We wake up every morning and we put out clothes,” Troy Robertson said. “We put out breakfast for them. At nighttime we have a big BBQ for them. It’s basically just helping the community.”

A sign reading “honk for unity” is what Robertson said they’re all about, but people who live in the area said the group is doing the complete opposite.

“On Friday, Oct. 9, around 10 p.m., Robertson and his HONK movement in conjunction with Black Rainbow, partied, drank alcohol, did drugs and danced while blocking the streets,” the Rev. Gayle Mack-Mason said.

Several people met Friday to express how much they want the group removed.

Victor Simmons owns a barbershop across the street from the protesters. He found bullet holes in his shop after HONK’s movement over the weekend.

“They called me Sunday morning and told me man the window was shattered,” Simmons said.

He said he understands the movement, but everything else that comes with isn’t welcomed.

“How can you say that we are bringing danger to the neighborhood when this neighborhood is already a dangerous area?” Robertson said.

Robertson said he doesn’t understand why people are upset and doesn’t plan on going anywhere.

“We in the most dangerous area sleeping on the corner where there’s shootouts and all that, and we aren’t moving,” Robertson said.



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