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PARKVILLE, Mo. — A guilty verdict in a Platte County trial over video gaming machines could have far-reaching effects for the entire state of Missouri.

Prosecutors argued the video terminals, often seen at gas stations across the state, are nothing more than slot machines.

“This could be a groundbreaking ruling for the state of Missouri,” said Blake Sherer, assistant prosecuting attorney for Platte County. “There are an estimated 14,000 illegal slot machines in the state, and this industry is probably worth tens of millions of dollars a year, so this is a big decision for the state of Missouri.”

The handful of machines in question had been installed at a pair of gas stations in Parkville.

Judge Thomas Fincham found Integrity Vending LLC guilty of promoting gambling in the first degree. Sentencing is set for Nov. 23. Officials for Integrity Gaming could not be reached for comment.

Because the games of chance can be easily accessed outside the confines of a casino, some gambling addiction advocates argue that makes them especially dangerous.

“I would say there’s a lot of concern with these,” Kevin Bost said, “because people can get addicted to them very easily, especially if they have easy access to them.”

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