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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Rapid gunfire shattered the night in a Kansas City neighborhood. People who live in Columbus Park say they were shocked when they watched the surveillance video of what happened.

Police said they got calls about shots fired around 10:30 p.m. Thursday, but officers didn’t find any victims or damage. However, the incident left many in the neighborhood northwest of Independence Avenue and Interstate 29 shaken up.

Video of the gunfire was posted to the public Facebook group, “Columbus Park Neighborhood.” It shows a seemingly normal white truck drive by before shots ring out down the street.

“This loud five shots went off, and she woke me up startled and had me come downstairs,” Sean Van Horn said. “So I raced downstairs and didn’t really see anything. Just kind of looked around outside, and it was pretty quiet.”

Van Horn said he and his wife let the incident go after they heard the gunfire and didn’t know what it was, but seeing the video left them in shock.

“And then about 2 a.m., woke up, looked at my phone and saw a notification on my phone with the video footage of the truck, and the five shots, right on our street, you know,” Van Horn said. “So we were pretty shaken up about the whole deal.”

Van Horn said looking at the video it seems the person in the truck shot into an open lot nearby.

“Why? Why would someone do that?” Van Horn asked. “It didn’t seem like there was any intention behind it. It seemed like it was just some kind of ‘thing.’ It was just kind of frightening. Our little baby sleeps facing the street, in a room facing the street, so it’s kind of scary to think about.”

He said you never know when you shoot a gun where a stray bullet could end up.

“Just be aware of what, who and what you can affect,” Van Horn said. “We hear on the news all the time of random events happening, and some random gun goes off, and someone unfortunately dies, someone gets hurt really badly — just an innocent person. So just do those things. Just be really careful.”

Van Horn said they have their own security measures and hopes this was just a random incident.

“I think it can happen anywhere, and I’m not going to let someone shooting off a random gun scare me away from the neighborhood that I love,” Van Horn said.

Police said it was somewhere between five or six gunshots. They say no one filed a police report, so they won’t be investigating further. If you have physical or property injury from the incident, you are asked to call police.