Gunshots pierce the air and a car shatters a home in a normally quiet neighborhood

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The violence in Kansas City spread into an unsuspecting neighborhood just south of the Waldo area. A driver who police say was shot slammed her car into a house on Saturday near 89th and Wornall Road. 

“I can see a blue bent fender there and a blue bent fender there,” Danella Stucky said, pointing at a mangled mess. 

A bent up bike, siding on the ground that used to line the house, and a freezer sitting at a 45-degree angle filled Danella and Jim Stucky’s garage following the crash. They are counting their blessings after the driver tore through the garage.

The impact pushed a piano, among other broken mementos, four feet into the living room where Jim often sits. 

“If I had been there, I probably would have at least got some stuff thrown on top of me,” Jim said.

Danella came home to find a dozen people in a nearby driveway surrounding the driver. Police say a shooting between people in cars led to her initial injuries.

“Apparently she lost control,” Danella said.

Danella said the woman left tire tracks in a neighbor’s yard, and barely made it in between a house and huge tree without hitting a dangerous gas line. 

The Stucky’s right side of the house and garage caught the blow.

“We had a lot of stuff stored in there,” Danella said looking at her garage. “Hopefully, some of that buffered so that she didn’t have as much impact injury as she could have.”

Danella is thankful no one was home. She, Jim, and their daughter were all called to work that Saturday, which is highly unusual. 

“As soon as I got a grasp on what it was, I started counting all the things that had put the pieces together to not be here and came up with an act of God,” Danella said.

She also said it was odd to hear of a shooting in this usually peaceful neighborhood. 

“This looks bad. But stuff is stuff. It’s the people that we care about that’s important and we’re very grateful that she came through.”

Police said the woman is expected to be okay. They do not have any suspect information at this time. 

If you know anything about this case, call Crimestoppers at (816) 474-TIPS.

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