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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Kansas City police respond to a number of strange calls, but a flurry of 911 calls Tuesday morning left police saying, “Not what we expected going into that.”

According to police, they began receiving a number of emergency calls about a man carrying around a topless, unconscious woman near the 12th Street Bridge around 11:30 a.m.

One caller stated that the man looked like he wanted to throw the woman over a bridge, dropped her on the sidewalk and drug her head over a curb.

The caller said the man appeared to be trying to dress the topless woman. Another caller said the man was yelling the word, “Savior!”

Naturally, Kansas City police sent multiple officers to check on the woman’s safety.

The only problem? The “woman” wasn’t real.

According to police, the man said he had found a life-size female doll  in a dumpster behind a restaurant at 16th and Broadway and carried her into the woods.

“He was  told not to carry it around in public anymore,” according to the police call notes.

Part of the incident was captured on traffic cameras in the area.

Traffic cameras captured the man carrying a life-sized doll.