Hallmark expands its offerings to provide meaningful cards across cultures

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Diversity is key, but so is acceptance. Kansas City-based Hallmark believes it's found the answer to those feelings in something as simple as a greeting card.

In the past it's been difficult to find appropriate cards to honor some friends and family who are celebrating milestones across cultures. While birthday cards are ubiquitous, it may have been challenging to find one for a Quinceañera. But that's beginning to change.

"We know we live in a very diversified country.  Diversity brings a mix of different cultures, and how people celebrate is different for each one of them," said Priscila Aviles Jamison, Hallmark's creative product development director.

Aviles Jamison, Luis Blanco, and an entire team of people are involved in developing a new approach to the cards they design.

"When you look at these cards, they really have a meaning behind it.  There's culture hidden behind each card," Blanco said.

Because cultures can be so different, Hallmark says its cards need to be different, too. Aviles Jamison said after she moved to Kansas City, she struggled to find something as simple as a Mother's Day card that her mom would understand.

"I wanted to send cards to my mom for Mother's Day. I used to buy Hallmark cards but then I had to translate it to Spanish for her.  Years later I started finding the cards in Spanish," she explained.

Hallmark now has an entire line of cards geared toward Spanish-speaking families and friends, but the company says it's not stopping there. It's also offering cards geared toward people from Chinese and Indian cultures, too.

"It's important for us to have that connection and be able to provide those solutions for those individuals who think differently, that experience cultures differently, traditions differently," Blanco said.

Hallmark says you can find the new cards anywhere its cards are sold.



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