Hard-hitting video shows man’s final moments leading up to fatal motorcycle crash

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*Warning: This video contains content which some may find distressing*

NORFOLK, England – A mother in England who wanted to send a strong message to motorists everywhere stood behind her local police department when they released a video earlier this week, which included footage of her 38-year-old son’s final moments leading up to his tragic death.

She and other family members hope the video, which was released on YouTube Thursday, will make riders and drivers put more of their focus on road safety.

In 2013 the woman’s son, David, was killed while riding his motorcycle as a car turned into his direct path. The incident was caught on a camera which was mounted to David’s helmet. Police said he was traveling at a high rate of speed when the car turned in front of him.

“I know he rode fast that day. He loved speed,” his mother said in the video.

Her message to everyone who watches the hard-hitting footage is to slow down and pay more attention while on the road.



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