‘He actually moves pretty quick,’ Tortoise named Bowser spotted strolling around Gladstone

Bowser the tortoise picture

Picture from the Gladstone Police Department

GLADSTONE, Mo. — Gladstone residents were shell shocked to see a large tortoise taking a “walk around the town” on Sept. 11.

Bowser, an 8-year-old tortoise, was spotted on Wednesday afternoon by a Gladstone resident, Beth Gillespie with the Gladstone Animal Shelter said.

“He actually moves pretty quick,” Gillespie said.

She said she picked him up on the way to the Gladstone Police Department, where she had to run an errand. When she told the officers inside, they wanted to meet her new friend.

He’s a “very nice turtle,” Gillespie said.

Bowser was taken care of over the night and fed a full meal of beet greens, strawberries, blueberries and cucumbers. Then, a neighbor saw the police’s Facebook post, informed the owner, and Bowser was reunited.

They are now investigating how he left his enclosed yard in the first place.

Think it’s strange to own a tortoise? Think again. Gillespie said there’s at least one other that she knows of in Gladstone – a 25-year-old female tortoise twice as big as bowser, weighing between 80 and 90 pounds.



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