‘He gave his life to protect all of us’: Witnesses describe efforts to save Overland Park officer’s life

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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — Flags across the metro are still flying at half-staff to honor Overland Park Police Officer Mike Mosher, killed Sunday during a traffic stop at 123rd and Mackey.

As the investigation into his death wraps up, FOX4 is learning more about efforts made at the scene to save his life.

Mosher was not alone while fighting for his life. There were strangers who also joined in the fight.

Patricia Funk was grilling on her patio when she heard gunshots and then saw a person collapsed in the road.

“I just went running and realized that it was a police officer,” she said.

As a certified nursing assistant who is trained in CPR, Funk began chest compressions, trying to keep Mosher alive.

“I would want someone to do the same for me if I was in that situation on the ground,” Funk said. “It doesn’t matter who you are and he dedicated and gave his life to protect all of us.”

While Funk did CPR, Katrina Phillips also helped in the lifesaving efforts. She was driving by when she noticed the tragic scene and jumped out to do what she could.

“I immediately went over there and grabbed his head and just tried keeping him alert, like, ‘Stay with us.’ ‘Don’t leave, your family needs you.’ ‘Don’t go,’” Phillips said.

While holding Mosher’s head and keeping him alert, Phillips also began ripping off his vest.

“I just remember ripping his sides and the top of it and you know, just ripping it off,” Phillips said. “I grabbed his earpiece and I threw his vest and just still held his head and was talking to him.”

A third woman was also there to help get Mosher’s vest off and find out where he was shot.

“Once we ripped it off and we ripped his shirt open, we saw where the bullet hole was and we just applied as much pressure as we could while continuing CPR,” Megan Schlochtemeier said.

Schlochtermeier lives next to Funk and when she saw her neighbor running towards the scene, she followed. Also a certified nursing assistant, she tried to stop the bleeding.

“You don’t stop, you don’t quit and you just keep going,” she said.

A police officer also arrived on scene and jumped in to help save his brother in blue. A small army trying to save the life of a man who dedicated his life to save others.

The police department tells FOX4 that Mosher’s funeral will take place Wednesday, May 13, and will not be open to the public. They said there will be a way for the public to honor Mosher on Sunday but did not release details at this time. 



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