‘He is a monster’: Family furious after man charged in crash that killed young KC moms


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A Kansas City man is charged with two counts of second-degree murder after a fatal crash last October.

Christopher Antwine, 39, is accused of driving drunk and killing two young mothers by hitting them head on. Now, the women’s families say it could have been prevented.

Minutes before Antwine allegedly hit and killed Dedra Cox and Kiara Clark, he was stopped by police. Their families told FOX4 he shouldn’t have been on the road to begin with. 

The two young women were always together and always will be. Cox and Clark were more like sisters than friends. 

“He took my daughter, and he took both of my girls because Dedra was like a daughter to me as well, and they didn’t deserve that at all,” Kiara’s mom Kendra Cooks said.

On Monday, Antwine was charged with murder along with DWI resulting in the death of two or more, resisting arrest and gun charges.

“I love her, and I miss her, and I wish things were different,” Dedra’s mother Deandra Heard said.

“He is a monster,” Dedra’s godmother Shay Celedon said. “I’m furious. Our criminal system has failed us once again that he was able to take two women out of this world that had children and things to live for.”

Police said Antwine hit and killed the women head-on in October at 43rd & Woodland. Minutes before the crash, court documents say KCPD stopped Antwine for running a stoplight. Police ordered him out of the car and to show his hands. However, he jumped back in the car and took off. Antwine was pulled over at 12:59 a.m. and hit the women at 1:07 a.m. 

Police said in court documents they did not chase him due to their pursuit policy.

When officials tested Antwine’s blood more than an hour later, his blood alcohol level was at .18.

“I’m not understanding how he wasn’t taken into custody. It doesn’t make sense to me. How was he out driving?” Cooks said.

Antwine was already on probation for a gun charge in 2018. He pleaded guilty and was convicted in 2019. He was sentenced to seven years but was out on a suspended sentence.

After Kiara died, her family found out she was having another baby and was waiting to tell the family.

“That baby never got a chance because of this man,” Celedon said.

The women’s families said Antwine had too many chances. While he was on a suspended sentence, he was previously convicted of robbery, assault, drug trafficking, previous gun charges and tampering with motor vehicles.

“He took our baby. No matter how much time he gets that still doesn’t give us anything back that we yearn for day to day,” Celedon said.

Cox’s six-year-old daughter said she misses her mom a lot. Her favorite thing to do with her mother was go out to eat pizza together, and if she could, she would tell her mom she loves her.

Antwine is being held in the Jackson County Detention Center and is facing a $500,000 bond. No court date is set at this time. 

According to KCPD’s pursuit policy they will not initiate a vehicle pursuit for a serious traffic violation, DUI, or stolen auto unless the person is in the act of a dangerous felony, or where the suspect presents clear and immediate danger to others. 

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