‘He just started shooting’: Woman wants change in neighborhood after witnessing deadly shooting

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Kansas City police are searching for a man after one person was found dead, and two others were injured.

Police say they were called to a Strip Mall near 37th and Independence Ave. on reports of someone being shot.

A witness, who did not want to be identified, said she walked outside her home Saturday afternoon and saw someone shoot a man to death.

“I guess a confrontation happened,” she said. “And he just started shooting everybody, like he shot a guy four times, shot another guy that took off running and then shot a woman, too, one time.”

Officers found two people shot at the Family Dollar, and a third person was dead across the street.

“He shot so many shots and it even hit a couple houses too,” the witness said. “So it’s pretty scary, it’s really scary.”

Police said the shooter fired at a man and woman while they were running to the nearby Family Dollar.

“And the girl was shot too,” the witness said, “She was scared. You know, anybody that would like come and touch her she was just like just so scared and she left in an ambulance.”

The pair who was shot were taken to the hospital. Police said they’re stable. The person who died was shot, execution style, in the middle of the street.

“It’s sad that somebody lost their life for probably nothing or something so careless,” she said.

Now, this neighbor is left worrying about her six kids getting struck by stray bullets while simply playing in their front lawn.

“But it’s harder for families like us because we’re financial stuck here, you know, our money is in our house,” she said, “So getting up and moving isn’t an option. So either we help out, try to speak up and help the community or we just stay quiet and it just gets worse and it gets worse.”

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