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The closer I get to my due date, the more I love this little guy. It seemed like only yesterday when I heard his heartbeat for the first time! I was so happy, nothing that day could steal my joy!

I walked around grinning from ear to ear.

Then, at the end of my first trimester I had my first sonogram. He was so tiny, and as my husband and I were watching, as he kicked.

I couldn’t feel it yet, but it was a strong little kick.

Again, nothing that happened that day bothered me at all, because I got a chance to see Landen, and that he was growing well.

I am now 23 weeks, nearing my six month mark, and a new trimester.

By now I know it’s a boy.

We’ve picked his name, Landen James, and I can feel him moving throughout the day.

None of that compares to my latest experience!

Thanks to Prenatal imaging here in Kansas City, I got a better look inside my womb, right into the face of my son!

Wow! 3D sonograms are truly amazing!

It took a little while to see Landen’s face. He showed us his feet, his hands covering his face, and he even turned his little butt towards the probe. After a few minutes and some shifting on the table, i saw the image that I can not stop looking at.

Each morning I get up and look at it.

He clearly has his father’s chin, lips, and cheeks. It’s still to soon to tell who’s eyes he has.

I’ve looked at this picture dozens of times and it still takes my breath away each time!

Has anyone else had the 3D sonograms? What was your experience when you saw your little guy, or gal?

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