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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A longtime illegal dumping investigator says he’s never seen anything like it in Kansas City.

On Friday, FOX4’s Robert Townsend showed Alan Ashurst two massive, commercial tires filled with sand, dozens of dirty food boxes, crumpled soda cans, lots of limbs and much more near a busy intersection at Independence and Ewing on the city’s Old Northeast side.

“Good Lord, I’ve never seen this before. I mean how do you get those in there?” a dumbfounded Alan Ashurst asked.

The massive pile of junk frustrated the illegal dumping investigator. The trash is wedged in a tight spot at the intersection.

“This is as bad as I’ve seen in a 20-by-10 location. Yeah, it absolutely is. This is a whole different ball of wax,” Ashurst said.

He said the city currently has 17 known illegal dumping sites. This is a new one.

In the shadow of the eyesore FOX4 showed him Friday, raggedy recliners, toilets, television sets and more trash litter the ground under a bridge near a homeless camp.

“This is definitely something I’d be disappointed to say, ‘Why am I just now hearing about this?’ I would beg our citizens to let us know this kind of thing is here. This is just ridiculous,” Ashurst said.

The Kansas City investigator took pictures of the site where he suspects someone dumped the big tires and other trash.

“Again, I had no idea this was here. Some of this looks like it’s been here a long time, a lot longer than a month. Nobody’s bothered to stop and call us about it,” Ashurst said.

“It just makes our city look bad,” one woman driving by the trashy site said.

“It’s just so trashy. I think it needs to be cleaned up. They can pay me to help clean it up,” another woman said as she sat in her car by the site.

The upset investigator admits it will take a costly, colossal cleanup to clear out all that trash out of that one spot.

“I guess maybe our claw trucks are probably strong enough to pull those tires out,” Ashurst said. “I’m sure they each weigh about 300 pounds, and then we have to clean up all this mess at this spot, along the fence lines of a nearby business and under that bridge, too. It won’t be fun, but hopefully we can get to it all next week.”

On Saturday, the city is having what it calls a “Hard To Recycle Collection Event.” The goal is to help city residents dispose of old tires, recyclable glass and other bulky items.

Residents can drop off those items for free from 8 a.m. until noon at the Manual Technical Center, which is located at 1215 Truman Road.