DE SOTO, Kan. — The high temperatures and offline coolers at an elementary school in De Soto cancelled class for students on Thursday.

Belmont Elementary School said the expected conditions would make the inside of the building too hot and not conducive to learning.

New record high temperatures are predicted for Thursday with heat indices in the mid to upper 90s. Unfortunately, the temperature inside the building will not be conducive for student learning. The district checked the building on Wednesday and indoor temperatures are just too high.

Belmont Elementary

The forecast for De Soto has the high reaching 94-degrees in the area, but it should cool down Friday and students will return then.

“Lower outside temperatures, lower humidity, and predicted cloud cover will help make it better for classes at Belmont. The district is adding portable dehumidifiers and fans in the building to help with comfort,” the school said.

According to the school, engineers are working to remove moisture from the cooling system before it can be activated. As of right now, it is expected to be online on May 16.

The extra day off will not require students to make up the lost time. Teachers and staff will be in training on Thursday which counts toward the required time.

“This unforeseen circumstance is why we plan the annual school calendar to accommodate emergency closures. If any additional days are missed beyond Thursday, May 12, then the school year for Belmont will need to be extended. We are hoping that is not the case,” the school said.