Heatwave: Simple tips to keep your home as cool as possible in Kansas City


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Through our current stretch of heat, Evergy is recommending a few ways to conserve power.

The electricity provider is not anticipating any outages but is suggesting that thermostats be set to 78 degrees during the worst parts of the day. That may not sound cool, but stepping into a room that temperature after being out in the sun might be refreshing by comparison.

Evergy actually has a Residential Thermostat program that automatically sets that temperature for enrolled customers who opted in either to conserve energy or in exchange for the perks.

Those specific customers get alerted and also get the option to opt out.

Other people prefer total control.

A fan works in lieu of a breeze, according to 87-year-old Christine Seals, who can’t forget the heat of her childhood.

“I hated summer because we didn’t have air conditioning then and I couldn’t keep cool. And still today I prefer winter to summer,” Seals, who lives in Hyde Park, said.

“She don’t necessarily care for a lot of hot weather,” Johnny Felder, a son-in-law to Seals, said.

“During visits, we say everybody go back home then maybe come back sometime around 5:30 or 6 when the sun isn’t quite right here,” Felder said.

The effect is potentially higher electricity bills to keep pace. Evergy is not expecting any outages – although the regional electricity load in the Southwest Power Pool could reach 96 percent.

For both those reasons, Evergy is promoting this idea:

“We recommend about 78-degees is a good energy efficient temperature that is often recommended. Some folks think that’s great. Some can tolerate a little warmer. Some can afford a little cooler,” Gina Penzig of Evergy’s external communications department said.

“God is good so I can pay the bill. But I’m just saying I like the fresh air. I don’t want to be enclosed,” Felder said of his own home.

But at Seals’ home large family gatherings are also held outside. It is partially because of health concerns through the pandemic, but it is also weather related.

“They know by now. We put fans out here and everything. I had a son who came here from California and stayed for a while. He didn’t stay in the house, I don’t let anyone stay with me. But while he was here we had fans out here and air conditioning and TV and everything. We use this right now,” Seals said, pointing to her front lawn.

“For me, it couldn’t get too cold for me but it could get too hot in a short time,” Seals said.

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