Heavy rain, strong winds wreak havoc on most parts of Kansas City metro

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GLADSTONE, Mo — Friday morning’s storm was not isolated. People in all corners of the metro felt the effects of the powerful storm.

It was an impressive storm, thunder and lightning plus rains that flooded several areas and winds ripping down trees and power lines, leaving some people stranded and others in the dark.

“We do enjoy the storms though it is kind of nostalgic,” Marissa Alexander said. “When I was a kid, we would all get huddled up and watch the storms.”

Alexander and her family did more than just watch the show in Gladstone. They became part of it.

Friday morning Alexander was making breakfast for her son and nephew on what she described as a calm, rainy day when everything quickly changed.

“The sound of the wind was so loud I thought a tornado was blowing through because things started knocking over, noises of things collapsing,” Alexander said. “The back door flew open, and their grandmother was trying to hold the door closed and she was scared. She was telling us to run downstairs because she didn’t know what it was.”

The winds ripping a tree down in Alexander’s backyard, blocking the way out, as well as parts of other huge branches ripped from their trunks. Piles and piles of debris, again.

“You should have seen the last storm. We were cutting down branches forever,” Alexander said.

In other parts of the metro, the issue was flooding.

“It got up to about the third step here, and yeah, we just kind of had our own little sea front property you know,” said A.J. Gaither who owns a shop at 28th and Terrace in Kansas City.  “I was amazed at how fast it came up you know.”

After a late night at work, Gaither decided to crash at his shop, and when he woke up Friday morning, all he could see was water.

“I come outside to see how bad it was raining and there was already water up to my running boards and I went back in to think for a second,” Gaither said.  “I was like, ‘Man, I should probably get out of here and get my stuff together.’ And by the time I looked out again it was to the top of my fenders and you can’t see the road out here.”

Stranded with no way out, Gaither did what else? Took to Facebook live, documenting his predicament.



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