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TAMPA, Fla. — Thousands of football fans bought cutout versions of themselves to fill seats inside Raymond James Stadium for Super Bowl LV.

One cutout made quite an impression on a Tampa-area business owner.

LJ Govoni is the co-owner of Big Storm Brewing in Clearwater, Fla. He is a longtime season ticket holder and one of 22,000 fans able to score a ticket to see Super Bowl LV in person.

Govoni sat next to a Chiefs fan named Frank who attended the game in spirit, through a cutout version of himself.

Govoni started tweeting pictures with Frank’s cutout and asked for help identifying and locating the Chiefs fan.

During the game, Govoni says he did talk some trash with cardboard Frank. He also exchanged high-fives and bought him a beer after a Buccaneers touchdown.

“It was fun, but it would be even nicer to meet Frank in person and let him know his cardboard image had an unforgettable evening in Tampa,” Govoni added.

“It’s been a difficult year and football has, at times, provided us with an escape and a way to bring us together, no matter what team you’re cheering for,” Govoni said. “In a normal year, maybe Frank would have been at the Super Bowl in-person. So why not at least try and find him, offer him a free flight to Florida when he can come and show him some Tampa Bay hospitality.”

When the internet helps Govoni find Frank, he plans to offer the Chiefs fan a free plane ticket to Tampa and beer to drown his sorrows.

We’d also love to talk to the real Frank. Let us know if you know who he is.