Henry County residents running out of options to fix bridge washed away by flooding

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HENRY COUNTY, Mo. — Neighbors just outside of Blairstown, who live on NW 750th Road, are desperate for help fixing a bridge.

The bridge is on their private road, and floods often. Neighbors say the perpetual flooding made the bridge unsound and dangerous.

Some NW 750th Road residents pitched in their own money and time to replace the bridge with a low water crossing.

Because it’s on a private road, Henry County can’t use public funds to make repairs.

But all of the progress the neighbors made washed away with more recent flooding.

“We were just ready to pour concrete,” Angela Tribble said. “Then the rain came.”

Now the bridge and road are in worse shape than they were before, and the neighbors are running out of money and options to fix it.

Tribble has to cross the bridge to access her home, and the destruction created a world of challenges for her and the bed and breakfast she runs.

“This is our busiest month and we had to cancel everyone because they can’t get here,” Tribble said. “It’s just heartbreaking. I work in KC three days a week and I have to take a pontoon to get to the other side to get to work and it’s not fun.”

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources said they can’t do anything to help.

They finished the Honey Creek Reclamation Project  near the bridge in 1993. The purpose was to return the creek to its original state, before a coal mining company mined coal through the creek, and changed and eroded its channel.

But a spokesperson for the department says it’s been so long since they worked on the project, the responsibility reverts back to the homeowner.



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