Here are the scary Halloween movies the US is searching for by state

scary movies by state graphic
Picture from Comparitech.

If you’re looking for a scary movie to watch this Halloween, maybe you want to hop on the band wagon of your state.

Comparitech, a website that provides information, tools, and comparisons for US and UK consumers, released the 2019 list of most popular scary movies by state.

Some states are playing it on the nose.

Texas’ choice? “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.” Real original, Texas.

Rhode Island’s top choice is “The Conjuring,” which is based off of events that happened in – you guessed it – Rhode Island. Also, Colorado’s go-to scary movie is “The Shining,” based off of the novel by Stephen King. He wrote the book after having a vivid nightmare in the Colorado hotel where the story takes place.

Some states are a little more surprising. Iowa’s choice was the 1979 classic, “Alien.” Maybe because crop circles? Unclear.

Missouri’s top choice is “The Others,” and Kansas went for “28 Days Later.”

Comparitech ranked the states by using IMDB’s list of top horror movies to search each state’s top search history with Google Trends.

See all the states in the graphic above, and learn more about the movies and the study on Comparitech’s website.

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