Here’s why you received a call or email about COVID-19 vaccine from Kansas City’s Health Department


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Thousands of people received calls and emails from Kansas City’s Health Department Friday morning, but it wasn’t quite the notification some people hoped to receive.

The messages provided updates about the city’s vaccination plans, not that it was time to make an appointment to get the vaccine.

Kansas City’s Health Department says it is doing what it can to get additional doses of the vaccine into the arms of people in the metro.

According to the email, the Kansas City Health Department is “working with state officials to make sure KCMO is included in equitable distribution of the vaccine based on the tier priorities. The Kansas City Health Department will continue to provide vaccinations to high-risk residents as quickly as we can with the limited supply that we receive.”

Nearly 70,000 people either filled out its vaccine contact form, or called the office to get help completing it.

The health department said Friday’s messages were to update the thousands of people on the list who are still waiting for their first shots. The department says it wanted to let those people know that they haven’t been overlooked and are still on the list.

The health department said it planed to send future updates to everyone who completed the vaccine contact form.

The Kansas City Missouri Health Department will notify you by either phone or email when it has a dose for you. Experts say you will eventually get a vaccine, it’s just taking a long time because there isn’t enough supply.



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