HGTV renews Leawood mom’s show ‘Bargain Mansions’ for third season

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LEAWOOD, Kan. -- HGTV just renewed Leawood mother Tamara Day's "Bargain Mansions" for a third season.

The mother of four and her father, Ward Schraeder, have become TV celebrities as they have renovated multiple homes around the metro on the show.

She announced the news on Instagram.

"I’ve been busy working on this season’s beautiful homes - I’ve even got my guys from @youmoveme_kc out here helping me get all the pretty things into the first house and I can’t wait for you to see it," she captioned the post.

The third season will premiere in the spring.

FOX4 sat down with the father-daughter duo in March as their show wrapped up the second season.

Day may be breaking down walls and breaking down stereotypes in the home improvement world. But she nearly missed her big break. A producer spotted her brother in a hardware store. He pitched his sister as a perfect fit to build a show around. But at first she turned it down.

Ward Schraeder and Tamara Day

"I said I didn't have time because nobody is going to cast a show in Kansas City for a major network. That doesn't make sense," Day said during that March conversation.

Now, "Bargain Mansions" continues to grow followers.

The show is set in the Kansas City area. Renovations this year also included homes in Leawood and Louisburg. Day, a mother of four, said she tries to stay within 45 minutes of her Leawood home and her children's schools for her projects.

Fans seem to like the dynamic between Day and her dad, who's a bit of a reluctant TV star.

"I knew absolutely nothing about television other than how to turn it on," Schraeder said of his inclusion in the show.

Schraeder has been in the construction and remodeling businesses for 40 years. He said he didn’t realize his daughter was picking up as much as she did along the way.

As the show highlights however, they don’t always share the same vision.

"He has a little different feeling to his design style than I have. He'd leave the cracks in the walls if he could. I like to fix them," Day said.

She added that she invests in lighting and plumbing fixtures in her homes to make them something viewers can aspire for.

But she says she also wants improvements to be attainable and designs functional homes she'd want to live in with her husband and four children. She lists local vendors she uses on the show on her website,

She said there’s a lot that goes into the design off camera.

"Where do I want this light placed, where do I want wallpaper, what cabinetry, what color?" Day rattled off.

But for her and her dad, there a lot of highlights, including working together.

"How many daughters get to work with their fathers in real life, but also get to work with them on something as big as this?" she asked.

They're also happy to get to showcase Kansas City to a national audience.

"Kansas City has so many great houses. Not every city has these gems of homes that we have," Day said.

Watch FOX4's entire interview with Day and Schraeder in the video player below.




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