High fives instead of $5’s are one way some pay during McDonald’s campaign

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- It was a cold, snowy, miserable commute home for many of people Wednesday, the perfect time to let someone else make dinner. At a certain restaurant chain, your meal could be free, if you feel the lovin'.

McDonald's loves its catchy slogans and jingles. "You deserve a break today" and now "I'm lovin it". Since Superbowl Sunday, the golden arches decided "Pay with lovin'" is the way to go, and it just might happen to you.

Sometimes a burger and fries is the way to go, and for some unsuspecting customers, their entire meal was free with a little bit of a catch.

"Your total is $14.34. Don't swipe your card because today you have the opportunity to pay with lovin'," explained Rachel Marler.

Marler is a manager of McDonald's near Zona Rosa, just south of Barry Road. She says the "Pay with lovin'" promotion is fun and understandably, some people don't get it right away.

"Pay with what?" customer Kaylin Batton asked.

"It means you have to do what I ask you too as form of payment," Marler responded.

Shocked and a bit skeptical, Batton and her friend Jake Johnson took the challenge.

"It's about spreading kindness, so how about you go to everyone in the lobby and give them a high five and that will be payment today," said Marler.

The two friends didn't hesitate and off they went, giving "five" to everyone in the restaurant. When they were done, Marler held up her end and the meal was free.

"Pay with lovin'" was introduced during the Super Bowl and since then McDonald's has been surprising random customers.

"I was like, 'are you serious?' That made me have a smile on my face. I'm so thankful," gushed Batton.

Marler and the staff have been having a great time coming up with random acts of kindness to challenge people. For John Duce, it was something easy, but unknown to him.

"As payment, you have to take a selfie with me," said Marler.

Duce didn't have a clue what she was talking about. He had a long day working at the airport and was just grabbing an early dinner. Little did he know a pop culture fad he knew nothing about was all it took to keep the wallet in his pocket.

"Actually, no, I had no idea what a selfie was," Duce said with a chuckle. "She had to say it a couple times."

Duce posed for the picture and his meal was compliments of the house. The staff has had a great time and seen plenty of smiles, even a few tears. No word on how long "Pay with lovin'" will last, so be ready for your random act of kindness.



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