KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Traveling on Labor Day will take a little more out of your wallet than in years past.

Gas prices are nearing an all-time high this Labor Day. The record for the national average gas price on Labor Day weekend is $3.84. It inched to $3.83 on Thursday, and Monday morning it’s at $3.81.

In Kansas City, we are paying less for gas than many other places; the gas at a Quik Trip on Southwest Boulevard is $3.65 a gallon.

Here’s where gas prices in Kansas City stand this Labor Day. According to Triple A, the average price per gallon in Kansas City is $3.50.

That’s down from last month, when gas prices rose to around $3.76 a gallon, but it’s still much higher than what the cost of gas was last Labor Day. Prices last year were $3.36 a gallon.

Nationally, gas prices on Monday averaged $3.81, compared to $3.78 last year.

So why are gas prices so high this Labor Day? There are a few reasons; the first is because of the cut in oil production in the Middle East earlier this summer. That drop in supply, along with higher demand, is causing prices to inch upward.

Also the extreme heat that we felt in Kansas City and across the country caused multiple refineries in the U.S. to run at less than full capacity.

Lastly, hurricane Idalia hit some refinery’s in the Gulf causing some to shut down. All of these are reasons why prices are rising.

If you are traveling Monday, expect busy roads. We can expect a record number of people traveling this Labor Day weekend, and with many expected to return to work tomorrow, the roads and airports will be very busy Monday.