KANSAS CITY, Mo. — With temperatures soaring, the scramble is on to keep our homes cool.

Air conditioning units, especially the window unit varieties, are in high demand. Even people who can’t afford retail purchases are in search of a means of cooling their homes. The mercury around Kansas City has been at or near 100 degrees throughout Monday.

High temperatures are a hot hazard to some people. Air conditioning gives families a means of avoiding our current trend of hot weather, where sleep is often difficult and health concerns can present danger.

At Strasser Hardware on Southwest Boulevard is preparing for the usual high demand on window unit air conditioners. In fact, Leroy Andrews, one of the store’s owners, said he’s fearful of a worldwide shortage of air conditioners, similar to other recent supply chain issues.

Andrews said demand is always high when the temperature rises, but due to shortages at the distribution level and manufacturing shortfalls from factories that ceased production during the pandemic, window units could be in short supply.

“There’s a chance that if you wait a month, all the sizes are not going to be available, so it would be best to go ahead and get it now,” Andrews said.

People who can’t afford a large retail purchase are also seeking cooler conditions. Bishop Sullivan Center operates an Elder Cool program, which provides free air conditioning units for seniors who qualify via their income level or certain respiratory conditions. Bishop Sullivan Center, in many cases, will even deliver and install the AC units.

“This is a lifesaving program,” Nathan Crispin, operations manager at Bishop Sullivan Center, said.  “If you have underlying health conditions, there are numerous heat-related deaths throughout the year that we’re looking to prevent.”

You can learn more about that free air conditioning program for seniors who qualify here. Interested parties are also encouraged to call (816) 561-8515 ext. 113.