Highway 71 Slowly Changing to Interstate 49

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GRANDVIEW, Mo. – Within the year, Highway 71 will become Interstate 49, but the interstate project will stop before hitting the stoplights on the way to downtown Kansas City.

The new interstate will stretch from Pineville, Arkansas to I-435 in south Kansas City.  It’s been a project several years in the making because interchanges had to be changed creating overpasses and on-ramps.

Salesmen at Gail’s Harley Davidson say they’re hopeful the new interstate will attract more traffic.

“I think we’re going to get a lot more motorcycle travel especially with the rallies and everything going on.  We’re going to be right here, right off of the interstate, so i think it’s going to be good for us as a whole,” says Adam Driskill, service manager at Gail’s Harley Davidson.

A few more interchanges need to be fixed and signs need to be put up, then MoDOT officials say Interstate 49 through Missouri will be ready.  The interstate will then connect New Orleans to Canada.

To watch some of the construction live in Cass County, check out this link.

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