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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Hillary Clinton’s planned visit here next week is drawing renewed interest in the National Council of La Raza Conference.

Advocates for Latinos say they expect the democratic presidential candidate to outline her plans for immigration reform.

About 2,000 Latino leaders will gather at the convention center to hear Secretary Clinton speak.

Ann Murguia will be one of them. The executive director of the Argentine Neighborhood Development Association is also the sister-in-law of Janet Murguia, president of La Raza and President Bill Clinton’s former director of legislative affairs.

Ann Murguia says immigration reform is the top issue among Latinos, and she’s disappointed republican candidates won’t also visit Kansas City next week to discuss it.

“NCLR does not take a politically partisan position,” Ann Murguia said. “I’ve been going to NCLR conferences for years and I will tell you I have had the pleasure of meeting both republicans and democratic leadership. For example, one year I had the chance to meet President Obama, and Vice President Joe Biden, but also presidential candidate John McCain was there also.”

This is the first time La Raza has brought its national conference here since the group boycotted Kansas City in 2007 over the appointment of an alleged immigration reform opponent to the city’s parks board.

Hillary Clinton’s speech is expected to put Kansas City in the national spotlight as conventioneers spend a lot of money in the metro area.