BELTON, Mo. — FOX4 has new details after a train crashed into a semitrailer Tuesday near Belton.

Cass County deputies were called to the area of E. 187th Street and Holmes Road just before 4:30 p.m. Tuesday. The Missouri State Highway Patrol said the semitrailer got stuck on the tracks when the crash happened.

An 8-year-old, 12-year-old and 40-year-old woman were all taken to a hospital, according to the MSHP crash report.

The highway patrol said the group in the semi was a family with four kids. They were all in the cab when it got hit by the train.

The only person not in the truck was the driver, according to an MSHP spokesperson.

Investigators also echoed sentiments from neighbors that it’s extremely unusual to have that many people — much less children — along for a ride on the job.

The crossing at E. 187th Street and Holmes Road is back open now with a steep grade leading to the train tracks.

Karen Templeton, a direct neighbor to the tracks, said that’s why the truck got stuck.

“I came over here, and he was like frantic, jumping up and down,” Templeton said. “And at that time, I just thought he was mad because his truck got hit and all, you know, ’cause this whole accident and everything. But he was probably mad because his whole family was in his truck.”

First-responders took four children and a 40-year-old woman out of the cab. The truck was carrying Celsius energy drinks, which were sprayed across the dirt in the collision.

Authorities question why the family, listed out of Minneapolis in the crash report, was out on the job together.

“We don’t know all the details of why there were that many people in the tractor trailer at this time, but that will be part of the investigation,” MSHP Cpl. Justin Ewing said Tuesday.

“If I would have known that, you know, when I was talking to the guy before the train hit him, I would have told him to get them out of there immediately because you’re probably going to get trashed out here,” Templeton said.

“All he kept saying was, ‘Oh Jesus. Oh Jesus.’ And I’m like, ‘No, he’s not coming to help right now. Sorry that’s not going to work,'” Templeton said.

Templeton said another previous bad crash happened at the spot two years ago when a different trailer was hit. But she also said she doesn’t see a solution other than re-grading the approach to make it less steep.

“Living right here, we’ve had so many accidents in front of the house. Any more and the minute I hear impact, before I even go out of the door, I start dialing 911,” Templeton said.

All of the people injured were taken to Overland Park Regional Medical Center. There were two people on the train, but neither were injured, according to the crash report.