Historic cold snap breaking several Kansas City records

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — It has been cold, and it has been cold for a long time. So long in fact that several records over several days have been broken.

Yesterday, Kansas City’s high was minus 1 degree. That’s the latest sub-zero high temperature in the year. Previously, it was Feb. 9.

It also tied the record for the 15th-coldest high temperature on record. And it’s the first sub-zero high we have had since Dec. 22, 1989, more than 30 years ago.

There’s a new record in regards to length of cold weather, too. There have now been nine consecutive days of temperatures below 15 degrees. The previous record was eight, set in 1983.

Southwest Power Pool declared an energy emergency level 3. It was the first time they had ever done that. They had to dip into their reserves for energy supply for multi-state region. SPP set a new peak power demand: 44 gigawatts. Evergy accounted for eight, possibly setting their own demand record.

Here are some other daily records set over the last few days:

Sunday, Feb. 14

  • Previous record low: -4 degrees in 1936
  • New record low: -6 degrees
  • Record coldest high: 7 in 1936
  • New coldest high: 4

Monday, Feb. 15:

  • Previous record low: -6 in 1936
  • New record low: -10
  • Record coldest high: 8 in 1900
  • New coldest high: -1

This is also the first sub-zero high temperature since Dec. 22, 1989. It is also tied for the 15th coldest max temp ever recorded in Kansas City.

It also set the record for the latest sub-zero high temperature in the winter season, previously set on Feb. 9 in 1899.


  • Previous record low: -8 in 1979
  • New record low: As of 6 a.m., we were down to -9.

This number can go lower.

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