Historic Iota making landfall tonight


The active 2020 hurricane season has recently become record-breaking. Late on November 9th/early November 10th, Theta formed in the middle of the Atlantic and brought the 2020 named storm total to 29, breaking the 2005 record of 28 storms. Then, only 4 days later, Iota formed, bringing the number up to 30. And now, Iota is zeroing in on the same area that Eta hit about 2 weeks ago.

Satellite view of Iota as of 10 AM Monday

The current forecast track takes now Category 5 Iota right through Nicaragua and Honduras, making landfall tonight, and moving over land in the next few days before dumping out into the Pacific as a tropical depression.

Comparison of Iota’s forecasted path to Eta’s actual path through Central America earlier this month:

So, that’s about the worse thing that could happen to a coastal location in the tropics: two powerful storms (a CAT 4 & CAT 5) making landfall in basically the same area in two weeks! Here’s some other surprising facts associated with Iota:

The Atlantic hurricane season ends on the 30th of this month, so we’ll see if activity truly dies down afterwards. As of now, one other area of tropical development is possible in the southwestern Caribbean. A new-forming low could occur and become a new tropical depression soon.

More development possible in the areas of Caribbean in the next 5 days.

Of course, we’ll continue to watch the tropics and keep you updated on this historic 2020 season.

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