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INDEPENDENCE, Mo. — An Oak Grove teenager is asking for the community’s help in identifying the driver who hit his car and didn’t stop.

“It’s done,” Cody Madison said. “It’s gone. There isn’t no saving it.”

Madison said his 2004 Pontiac Grand Am was his lifeline. Now, it’s totaled.

“I don’t have a car now. Can’t do no delivering,” he said.

Every day the car took the 19-year-old from home to home while he delivered meals for Door Dash. Now, he’s without his car and a job because he said someone hit his car near 23rd Street and Glenwood Avenue in Independence.

“And then that sent me to a light pole,” Madison said. “I bit holes in my tongue and my face was hurting. That’s about it. No cuts, no bruises, no nothing.”

Madison said he had to call 911 himself because no one stopped to help, not even the driver who hit him.

“I’m not very happy,” he said. “I’m pretty upset because I’m without a car, and they obviously don’t care.”

His mom, Tara Taylor, said his life is worth more than a car, but she’d like the person who hit him to come forward.

“If there were something going on and that person was afraid the cops would be involved, we could’ve worked something out or if they didn’t have insurance,” Tara Taylor, Cody’s mom said. “I would’ve been more grateful just for them to stop and check on my son.”

Moving forward, Madison said he’s focused on saving up for a new car so he can get back to making deliveries.

Madison and his mom did file a report with Independence Police. They said they’re waiting to hear back from investigators.

They’ve also created a GoFundMe account to help Madison get another car.