Hit-and-run victim, 11, goes home, begins road to recovery

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — An 11-year-old girl who was severely injured in a hit-and-run accident last week is finally well enough to leave the hospital and head home Thursday.

“It’s truly a miracle and a blessing. It could have been way worse,” said Shumiya Timley’s mother, Shunmon.

Just a week ago, after the accident, the prognosis was more than scary.

“That’s when she found out she broken her pelvis in three places and her arm is broke — they didn’t know if she had brain damage because of the blood coming out her ears,
her mom said.

The accident is a lot for the young girl to digest.

“It’s still hard because she doesn’t understand for the first three days — she didn’t remember anything. She only remembered coming home from school. She understands it now but she doesn’t understand why did it happen to her?”

The normally active and spunky girl is going to spend possibly the whole summer in a wheelchair, a hospital bed and lots of rehab.

Witnesses told Timley it may have happened because the driver was talking on her cell phone and actually sped up before she hit Shumiya.

“Something has to stop this. It’s ridiculous —  the texting, the calling, all that. It’s not making any sense anymore.”

Timley said the person obviously has no remorse for what she’s done, since she’s still running from the law and refusing to turn herself in.

Both mom and daughter are hoping someone comes forward to do the right thing.

“Just to make me sleep better at night because I don’t want this to happen to no one else’s child. It’s sad. We have to go through this to get her to turn herself in.”

Shumiya echos her mom’s sentiments.

“I hope you turn yourself in for what you did because I really hurt and I can`t walk.”

Police said they are looking for a red Oldsmobile Alero. Officers said they are also following up on some leads, but if you can help police find the driver call the TIPS hotline at 816-474-TIPS.



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