Holidays cause shipping delays, possibly leading to lost packages


It is just 13 days until Christmas and there’s not much time left to make it to the post office to items shipped so they can be delivered before the holiday.

But one woman says even though she planned but things can get lost in transit.

Teresa McDonald has spent months making this quilt for her loved. She said, “my oldest granddaughter was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in March.”

And a second, identical quilt for her youngest granddaughter.

McDonald had sent off portions of the quilt to another quilter for some final touches.

She said the quilts were shipped priority mail and should have been back on her doorstep by December 2nd.

But according to the tracking number – they were last checked in at a Kansas City Distribution Center.

She said, “our last update before this one today that they actually left the distribution center on December 6th, in a bin full of other mail. But 6 days, and they didn’t know where they were at.”

While McDonald is holding on to hope the package will be found.

For those planning to ship items through the post office by Christmas.

Here are the deadlines you’re up against:

USPS Retail Ground® ServiceDec. 15
First-Class Mail® ServiceDec. 17
Priority Mail® ServiceDec. 18
Priority Mail Express® Service2Dec. 23

Plus, the post office made some changes to hopefully avoid any shipping issues this year. Although, USPS said there could still be delays as a result of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

Mark Inglett, the Strategic Communications for the Post Office said, “We have added 112 new processing machines throughout the country. They can process up to 32 hundred packages in an eight-hour shift.  We’ve leased 46 annexes throughout the country, all within five miles of major processing facilities so that ensures smoother transportation and no bottlenecks.”

For now, McDonald is hoping for a Christmas miracle.

It’s your heart that goes into making these. And it’s going to be hard to call her and tell her what I’d done for her isn’t going to make it.

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