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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A fast-moving storm Friday left behind significant hail damage in south Kansas City and many areas of Johnson County, Kansas.

Camden Norris with Premier Roofing of Kansas City is climbing a lot of roofs across the region following the storm.

“It didn’t last very long, very sporadic, directional storm.  A lot of the hail wasn’t very big, but it did have golf ball mixed in with it.  When you start seeing hail that large, it can really start to do damage to a shingle,” Norris said.

In Waldo, several roofs definitely got whacked.

“I’m really starting to see good damage on the west slope. There’s a nice big one right there,” Norris said as he walked a roof off Ward Parkway.

Typically, insurance adjusters will look for at least six hail hits within a 10-by-10 area.  Experts say even if you think there’s a chance your roof got pinged, it’s good to call a reputable roofer and ask for a free inspection. If you don’t get it checked, damage can ultimately lead to more costly roof leaks.

“You can’t see this damage from the ground. We get up there. We take pictures of what we find if we find damage. We go over it with the homeowners, and we kind of assess if they should file a claim with their insurance company,” Norris said.

A lot of cars are also beat up from the weekend storm.

“It sounded like ping pong balls bouncing off all the cars here,” said Jennifer Shoemaker with Shoemaker Collision and Paint Center LLC in Spring Hill, Kansas.

Hail damage on your car is usually pretty obvious with small dimples everywhere.  But sometimes, smaller stones can leave lots of marks that aren’t always visible to the naked eye.

“Bring it into the bright light, and you can see it a little bit better than you can out in the daylight. There’s lots of times where you can`t see. You can barely see it unless you get to the right angle and it’s there,” Shoemaker said.

In one recent case, a driver didn’t realize their car had damage at all until they brought it to the shop. It turns out, the vehicle was totaled by tiny hail.

Average hail damage runs about $3,000 to fix.

“You can definitely come by and see us or you can call your insurance company and once you have that estimate, you’re free to schedule wherever,” Shoemaker said.

Although there’s not a lot you can do to protect your roof from hail, there are a few things to protect your vehicle. A few companies make hail resistant car covers. If you’re in a pinch and a hail storm is approaching, you can throw blankets or your car’s floor mats over the hood and roof to limit the amount of damage.