Homeless proposal prank gets a jubilant yes from woman

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ProposalPopping the question takes guts. And creativity.

For one man it took cutting his hair and pretending to be homeless.

Sound crazy? Well, for these two love birds it made perfect sense.

Mike King and Katie Barabas, both Bethel College students, volunteer for the Feed the Homeless ministry through their campus.

“We love going there,” King, 22, said in an interview with Yahoo News. “It’s one of our favorite locations.”

So what better place to propose?

King, disguised in a wig, face mask and baggy clothing first popped the question with a red ring pop.

Barabas, arms crossed, smiled, but you could be sure she was not about to say yes to a homeless stranger.

But then the costume comes off and King pulls out the real ring.

Barabas is stunned.

“What about now?” King asked.

Barabas said yes, throwing her arms up to the sky.

The couple plans to invite their homeless friends from the Feed the Hungry ministry to their reception.

See video of proposal here.



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