Homeowner Frustrated by Mess Left Behind by Gov.-Paid Contractor

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A homeowner is outraged because she says a contractor she used through a community program that is supposed to help low-income families remodel their homes, did more damage than good to her home.

FOX 4's Linda Wagar reports on her problems that the homeowner says have been ignored.

Video shows:  Ebony McGee, a single working mom, has been in her home for 11 years. She was struggling with needed repairs, so she signed up for the tax-payer financed repair program run by Blue Hills Community Services. The non-profit agency promised her that the contractor would fix her plumbing problems that were causing mold problems. She says the contractor was to be paid with funds from a government grant. McGee says the leak was never fixed, but the contractor replaced the moldy drywall, and now the leaks continue on the new drywall. Watch the video to find out what FOX 4 Problem Solver Linda Wagar found out when she talked to Blue Hills and the City of Blue Springs.



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