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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — Dozens of people are out thousands of dollars after hiring a contractor out of Overland Park, and now want to warn the community, because they say this man takes your money and doesn`t complete the job.

FOX 4’s Melissa Stern received multiple emails about David Rosales, and if you check reviews online, you`ll see countless negative reviews about Rosales and his company — Boss Construction. But what many of these victims say is that he used different company names when they hired him, and only found out the truth when it was too late.

“We found black mold and rain rot in our mud room, and we`re looking to hire somebody right away to come eradicate the black mold,” said Erin Seyfrid, one victim.

Seyfrid says she put an ad out on May 1and hired Rosales of “Dream Home Construction.”  She says he came out that day to give her a quote, which was $6,500.

“We gave him half down, we gave him $3,000 to begin with,” Seyfrid explained.

She says Rosales missed the first day of work, came the second day, but found more rain rot and he said he would complete the project for $9,500. She paid him an additional $3,000.

“It was five weeks and four days, he was here eight times,” Seyfrid said.

Seyfrid says he did minimal work when he was at the home. After multiple text message exchanges, he said he would come last Saturday to finish the job. She says he showed up late, without any materials.

“He left and said he would be back on Monday to complete the job, and didn`t show up that day, so I told him that was enough, we were done,” Seyfrid said.

She filed a police report Monday and says he left her home with thousands of dollars worth of damage.

She later discovered his real company name is “Boss Construction” and that his insurance policy, while appearing to be valid, had lapsed, due to nonpayment.

“Saturday, when he left here after a very short time of working, I had a strange feeling about it, I looked him up on, and I found that he currently has two judgments about him,” said Seyfrid.

On top of that, there are dozens of negative reviews online stating he did the same thing to them.

Besides Seyfrid, since 2016, Rosales has been taken to small claims court multiple times in different Kansas counties. He lost five judgments in Johnson and Douglas counties, and has another one pending in Johnson County.

“Do your due diligence on who is coming into your home, we were in a panic because black mold is a dangerous thing, and we hired, pretty much, the first guy who came along, and after that it just turned into a nightmare,” warned Seyfrid.

Seyfrid says she has since hired an attorney, and the work Rosales did has to be completely redone.

FOX 4 spoke to Rosales on the phone and he said he`s also retained an attorney.

He says he had several people pay him to do projects and has been fired for one reason or another, but claims he was planning to finish the projects. He also said he has made some mistakes and he`s in the process of taking care of them.