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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Broken plastic and tire marks are all that’s left after a single-car crash in one South Kansas City neighborhood.

“[The driver of the car] had to have been flying,” Sara Egan said.

A short time after the car crashed into a utility pole, a woman inside the wrecked vehicle showed up at Egan’s doorstep.

“The first thing she tries to do is open the doorknob and push the door open. She realizes it’s locked, she touches the doorbell, which is what was recording, she walks down those steps and then takes off to the right,” Egan said.

“Not too much longer after that she came back again and that’s when she opened the door and tried to shoulder her way in. All she said was ‘let me in,’” Egan described.

Doorbell camera video shows the would-be intruder is armed.

“She’s barefoot and she’s in a bathrobe and she’s clearly not in her right mind,” Egan said.

The Egans were not home at the time, but watched it all unfold on their cell phones, which are linked to the doorbell camera system. A friend who was house-sitting for them at the time filled in details from police.

“The police told our friend that was watching the house that they had her in custody,” Egan said.

“They also said they got that gun that she had, and they also told him that there was a male who was with her,” Egan explained.

That man has yet to be contacted by police.

“You don’t know if the man is inside, is he hiding nearby, is he watching the whole thing unfold? It’s unnerving for sure,” Egan said.

Sara posted video of the woman on the popular Facebook page Stolen KC to alert neighbors.

“People needed to know hey this is the area it happened in, just be careful and especially at that time I wanted them to know that there was a male that was on the loose somewhere,” Egan said.

Sara says her home doorbell security camera and two big guard dogs proved to be extremely beneficial, helping bring peace of mind in this scary situation.