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KANSAS CITY, Mo. —  In the wake of two home invasions in three days, some metro area homeowners, fed up with violence are willing to risk it all and fight back bad guys. Monday, a Kansas City  woman, scared for her life, shot and killed a 17-year-old armed intruder. She says he forced his way inside her home near 58th and Garfield, pointed a gun at her head and put her in a closet.

Early Wednesday morning, a similar frightening situation, in Raytown. Police say two men, one armed with a rifle, the other with a handgun, burst inside a couple’s home in the 85th & Everett, demanded money and asked for a man, who didn’t live there.

When the home invaders ran before cops arrived, the male homeowner, fired shots at the fleeing pair, who got away. It’s not known if either man was hit. Police are still looking for both men.

“We’re very fed up,” said neighborhood watch Captian Dayna Schroeder. “We constantly watch. We take note of whose around.”

Schroeder put a mini, surveillance camera in her front yard to watch out for the bad guys.

Back in the Kansas City neighborhood, where the woman says she shot the young intruder in self-defense, Michelle Robinson, a mother of four your children, says she’d pull a pistol to protect her family.

“We’re tired of the violence, we’re tired of the killings. We’re tired of the break-ins, things got to change,” she said.